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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Abdul Kalam
    Worst builder ever. Can't trust a word he says. Uses cheap materials and pockets the money himself as if he got you the good stuff. Never sticks to timings and is very rude when coming to the final stages of the job. Would warn everyone to stay away. It's not worth the hassle using him. Quality of the work is terrible. I had other builders check the work and couldn't believe the poor quality of the finish. One of his thieving workers stole my phone and took it to Romania as well, which I later found out!! Never again with Stefan and his cowboy team at simvik! He did not complete my extension and abondoned the job at about 85% of the way requiring me to find someone else. Terrible builders!!
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    This company has to be one of the worst buiding companies around. You cannot trust a word Stefan the owner says. He lies to extrordinary lengths to trying to cover up the terrible quality of works that his team have done. The moment you question the quality of works you'll see another character emerge, one which is aggressive, intimidating and an attitude that will not accept the works being of poor quality. Furthermore the minute you try holding scheduled payment until the works are rectified he will down his tools. He is so accustomed of taking £20,000 - £30,000 upfront payments and from that moment onwards hes got you at his mercy and hos will to do the works how he likes.

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Readers may want to scroll down to read Alex James' original review posted on 02.12.2019 in which Alex shares his Simvik experience in some depth, readers can then workout for themselves whether Alex's experience coincides with what other reviewers have shared. The logical conclusion of this assessment would be to stay well away from this builder as what is being suggested by the details of all of the reviews including that of Alex James. A bunch of money pocketing cowboys. Terrible builders!!

  • 11.02.2020
    Alex James
    Although we’ve had some issues with the project. Stefan has offered compensation to correct the issues.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    "Simvik Ltd FAKE REVIEWS & PREVENTION of Customer Reviews to REMAIN ONLINE"

    FAKE REVIEWS: Bidvine, MyWorkman & FMB Portals.

    Those carrying out their research on Simvik Ltd with a view of possibly hiring them need to be careful not to let fake reviews and their wonderful online profile write ups distort the readers judgement. The researcher is being warned by customers of Simvik Ltd that what you're seeing online is not the actual truth about what this company and Stefan does once in the door on a job. There is a proactive drive on the part of the company and its owner Stefan ensuring all negative reviews from customers wanting to share their experiences are taken down from online and not viewable to anyone wanting to check this company out.

    5* reviews on portals like Bidvine,MyWorkman & most recent FMB ( Federation of Master Builders) are all fake reviews provided by family and business friends to support the companies online profiles. You can cross check and you will find that same reviews on the companies own website also appear on the FMB portal. These reviews are provided by company owners that have the same registered business addresses as Simvik Ltd. You can also check this on companies house portal. Creditability of these reviews comes into question with the associated conflict of business interests.

    The bigger problem is that the company is proactively having all customer reviews swiftly removed that share experiences and gives warnings to potential customers to avoid hiring this company.

    Portals that don't remove reviews on tradesme likes of Google Reviews, Top Rated People,, to mention a few, all of which had numerous customer reviews sharing awful Simvik Ltd experiences, all accounts have been cancelled by Simvik Ltd ensuring no such information is available to anyone online.

    All those reviews had information similar to that what Alex James' recent review shares which incidentally has been removed at the request of Stefan on Trustpilot portal. If the reader scrolls down and checks reviews data on Trustpilot you will find that there have been numerous reviews that Simvik Ltd have had removed on request.

    To access what could be available online readers are requested to Google search " simvik victims" in the search field, the search results should provide some information to the reader to get an insight of the workings of this company and its owner Stefan Vasile.

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Simvik Customer
    "Those Carrying out their Research"

    If you are conducting your research and due diligence on this building company Simvik Ltd and Stefan Vasile then please note that what you'll find ONLINE is not exactly what this company is portraying. The reviews on BIDVINE, MYWORKMAM and the more recent FMB ( Federation of Master Builders) are ALL fake reviews. These are not genuine customer reviews but supportive fake reviews provided by family and friends that are used on the company's own website and FMB portal. Cross check these and you will find this to be the case.

    Most importantly the reader/ researcher needs to know that this company has actual customer-experience reviews swiftly removed where possible. As is the case with the most recent review posted by Alex James which was removed immediately after being posted on TRUSTPILOT.CO.UK.
    If you actually scroll down and look at the reviews data on Trustpiloy you will see there have been over a dozen negative reviews that have been removed by Stefan on his company Simvik Ltd.

    All tradesmen accounts where review removal is not possible have ALL been closed down by Stefan such as , Google Reviews, Top Rated People, Check A Trade.
    Furthermore you will find that those portals currently with Simvik Ltd listings have their Reviews function Disabled preventing any reviews to be viewed or posted. A ploy being used by Simvik Ltd to show a concentrated online presence to give a misleading impression to the reader.
    You won't find much online that's negative on the company because there is a proactive approach used by the company ensuring all negative feedback does not appear online and any prospective new customer does NOT see it.

    Actual customer experiences are as what Mr Alex James explains in his review.

    You will find Stefan ever so appealing initially but wait till they come in and see the change im his persona then. Pease don't fall for that. This guy will promise you everything you want to hear but will not deliver and you will end up in a situation that many of us found ourselves in exactly the situation that Mr Alex James has found himself in.

    Stefan is only interested in taking your money he's not concerned whether he delivers or not. Hire him at your own peril to find out what he's really about.

    Simvik Customer
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Alex James
    Stefan Vasile Completed a large extension for me nearly two years ago. The majority of his work was substandard. I had no choice but to manage his team myself as he rarely attended the site and he had all my money so couldn't end our contract.
    We've already had him pay for the roof to be redone, he paid half as he disagreed there was anything wrong with the work. We are currently taking legal action as there is no spreader plate under a steel beam and the joist under a bath are incorrect and need reinforcing. Most of his reviews are bogus and I would certainly avoid this contractor. In the beginning he is a friendly man, once started he'll perform poorly and slowly. When challenged on his errors he was verbally aggressive. I was constantly managing his aggressive behaviour once being pulled up on his mistakes. Major mistakes like using a 15cm wide joist in a roof instead or a 25cm joist.
    His errors are only just beginning to show. We are taking legal action.
    Until now we've decided not to write public reviews about Stefan and his company. However there were so many problems with his work and he doesn't care that he has left us with a structurally unsound property. He requested I appoint a surveyor. This I did. Once the surveyor's report suggested negligent building work he then refused to listen and offer anything towards my £7500 costs to correct the work.
    I'm a reasonable guy so requested a £4,000 payment towards the £7500 corrective bill. He's refused my generosity!
    Sadly this will now cost him in legal fees and expenses. Sad he can't even accept whats he has done.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Simvik Victims
    Time after time customers in the "Simvik Victims Group" were told 'go and do what you like' after being left with an endless list of faulty and defective works after having their projects abandoned. This was a regular customer experience of Simvik Ltd customers. Readers can draw their own conclusions on where numerous people have had their personal properties damaged, some having their cars bricked and others having their front garden walls chopped with a grinder and then knocked down, the walls that Simvik Ltd had built as part of the contracted works. All of these people happen to be dissatisfied customers of Simvik Ltd who had shared their experiences online. Of course accusations cannot be made however readers can draw their own conclusions on all of these connected incidents. We will continue to share our customer experiences irrespective of Simvik Ltd swiftly having them removed. Simvik Victims Group SVKG #01
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Simvik Victims
    Details of Simvik Ltd experiences are coming through thick and fast with all of the dissatisfied customers having an overwhelming feeling and with a sense of an obligation to put forward their experiences in the public domain so people are well aversed and don't become the next victim of Simvik Ltd. Everyone in the group concluded based on their experience that Simvik Ltd and its staff do NOT have any formal Tradesmen Qualifications. Customers came to realise Simvik Ltd merely brought in guys off the street to do their electrics, plumbing and other works requiring trades qualifications and the relevant know how. Subsequently resulting in the electrics being faulty, the heating not working, the roofs leaking, the ridge tiles coming off as wrong type of sand and hardly any cement being used in the mortar mix. All of this clearly explains that Simvik Ltd are out of thier depth in providing a reasonable and acceptable standards of workmanship contrary to the promises made of delivering high quality workmanship and of their claims of being the BEST building company around. This is absolute nonsense. Numerous ocurrances of project abandonment have taken place within the victims group. All sharing an experience of Simvik Ltd downing their tools, walking away from incomplete projects leaving the customers in a limbo and then dissapearing. Ceasing to respond to any contacts and then a few months down the line claiming they're owed further sums of monies and have no intentions of returning irrespective of NO Building Reg Certificates being provided as the works hadn't been completed. Then saying "Go and Do What You Like." Leaving customer's without an option to pursue any legal action as the company is a Limited set up with "zilch" in their coffers. In hind sight customers came to realise in making a huge mistake in not doing their homework and not carrying out due diligence on the company in the first instance. Further experience details to follow in due course.

    Victims of Simvik Ltd Group
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Simvik Customer
    This builder regularly downs his tool after taking customers money and abandones work and never to be seen again. Thirteen of he's previous customers have come forward from the past 4-5 years with similar experience and with an endless list of defective works carried out by Simvik Ltd team with no tradesmen qualifications nor an ability to communicate in English language.

    Hiring Simvik Ltd could turn out to be one of the worst decisions you could be making as it proved to be the case with the 13 unhappy
    customers who have come forward sharing their experiences.

    We hope this is of some benefit.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    We hired Simvik Ltd to extend and renovate our house. The project started well enough but at the end we were left with an endless list of defective and non-completed works including leaking roofs, defective electrical works resulting in the consumer unit constantly tripping off, both central and underfloor heatings not working, used a chalk type of a material as skimming which is constantly releasing powdered particles that are being breathed in, these are just some to mention, the list is endless. Having been promised that every item of defect would be put right at the end the project was abandoned by which stage all of the contracted money had been paid. Having been left with an incomplete abandoned project subsequently Simvik claimed they were owed further sums of monies and that they wouldn't be returning. This is an awful experience we had with Simvik Ltd and we do not wish anyone else to experience the same. To avoid this you may want to consider hiring some one else.

    Cheryl SE10
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